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  • What is Town Twinning?
    Town Twinning was started after the Second World War as a way of encouraging friendship, collaboration and a greater understanding of different cultures. Town Twinning isn't limited to Europe. You can find more information about Twinning here. Each year we visit one of our partner towns and they come to visit us. We take it in turns to visit each other and vice versa. In 2019 our friends from Sanvignes came to the UK and we visited Eisenberg. Due to the global pandemic, there were no visits in 2020 or 2021.
  • How do I join the Association?
    The easiest way to join is to email us a membership form which you can access here. If you'd rather send us a printed copy, that's not a problem, you can find a postal address on our application form.
  • How much does it cost to join the Association?
    In the year 2022-23 membership fees are £20 per person. This fee covers the cost of insurance for events, as well as raising funds to pay to entertain our visitors.
  • What do I get out of the BTTA?
    The biggest benefit of the BTTA is friendship-both within Baldock and in France and Germany. Through BTTA our members make life-long friends and share fantastic memories. The BTTA gives you an insight into real life in France and Germany by making connections with French people and being invited in to their lives and homes. As well as the friends you'll make, being a BTTA member means you can attend our members-only events and come on annual visits with us to France or Germany.
  • Do I have to exchange with both France and Germany?
    You can choose to set up an exchange with one of our twin towns, or both. It's up to you. Many of our members only twin with on or the other, whilst many twin with both.
  • How long do the visits last?
    The visits normally last for a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday), though a lot of members choose to extend their stay to spend more time with their friends or visiting the local area. The visits alternate each year between travelling to France and Germany.
  • Do I have to travel to France or Germany every year?
    Whilst one of the benefits of Town Twinning is visiting the towns and gaining a real insiders perspective on the culture of the country, you do not have to travel for every exchange or at all, if you don't want to.
  • Do I have to speak French or German to join the Association?
    Whilst it's nice to be able to speak to our friends in France and Germany in their mother tounge, friendships have been formed over the year without members speaking the language of their host families so no it is not 100% necessary to speak French or German.
  • I have children, can I join the Association?"
    Definitely! We'd love to have more families with children involved in the Association and have families in France and Germany who are looking to find a family in Baldock to partner with.
  • I don't live in Baldock itself, am I allowed to join?"
    We have many other members from other local villages and towns, such as Bygrave, Letchworth, Stotfold, even London! If you don't have an SG7 postcode but still want to join us, you are very welcome.
  • I don't have a spare bedroom, is that a problem?"
    If you don't think you'd have space for your partner families to stay with you then we completely understand. If you mention this to us, then we can work to find a solution.
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