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Although not a major wine-growing town, Sanvignes is situated in the Burgundy region of France and is therefore close to some of the most prestigious vineyards in France. There is even a vineyard in the town itself, which belies the town’s name.


Once a coal-mining town, the mines have all closed. It is now surrounded by pasture land where the famous Charolais cattle can be seen grazing peacefully.


Many beautiful and interesting towns are to be found in the area. During our stays there we have, among others, visited Chalon-sur-Saone, Cluny, Digoin, Lyon & Tournus.

In 2017 Baldock Town Twinning celebrated its 20th Anniversary with Sanvignes and organised a trip to Saffron Walden and Chilford Vineyard, so our friends from France could enjoy some English wine. 


In 2018 our trip to Sanvignes included a visit to Cuisery and the Centre Eden, as well as a French dinner with live entertainment from Nicola Randazzo.


Members of the organising committee in Sanvignes are:

Valérie DOUHARD       President 

Gertie VISSER               Vice-President

Yvan DOUHARD           Treasurer          

Gaby LABOURIER         Assistant treasurer

Ghislaine DORNIER      Secretary

Jacqueline COMBIER   Assistent Secretary

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